Tamworth History

After much investigation and through a tasting of all heritage breeds listed by the livestock conservancy, Moore Natural Ranch decided on the Heritage Tamworth Pig. Our breeding program has the most diverse pure Tamworth lines available in the nation.

     *Heritage Meat Breed

     *Exceptional in Flavor, Rated the Most Favorite by Top Chefs

     *Rich in Omega 3 Amino Acids and Linoleic Acid to help lower cholesterol

     *Pasture Raised

     *Fed Natural NON- GMO Vegetarian Diets rich in barley and eggs.

As par of our mission, we do our very best to bring the best to you. Tamworths originated in Ireland, and so we work with a breeder in Slane, Ireland. Peter Whelen from his farm called "THE WHOLE HOGGS," shares this story below.

"Many people think that the Tamworth pig came from the U.K. but it simply is not true. The  pigs carry the parish name of Irish Grazer and are the closest to the old forest pig. They are Irish Pigs. In the late 1700's, England had a severe epidemic of disease that decimated most of their pig population. Sir Rober Peel, the Prime Minister of Tamworth in the UK, sent out a ship to cross the channel in search for new pigs to replenish their dwindling livestock. It was reported that there was a very hardy red colored pig in the grazing forest areas among the Irish Farmers. Peel's men raided the farms and stole the pigs from the farmers and shipped them back to the county of Tamworth. It was said that he then crossed them with a few of his local pigs and started the breed, calling it Tamworth after the name of his kingdom. This is the real story, the pigs are Irish."

Aristocrats of the pig world, with long legs and snout and pricked ears, the Tamworth is a boisterous, loving pig. Tamworth pigs are kind and gentle and have proved to be producers of the finest meat. They are easy to handle and love human contact. In comparing other rare breeds, we personally found the Tamworth to be the friendliest. The Tamworth is unique since it is a very rare dual-purpose breed. It produces large amounts of the tastiest bacon and quality cuts of meat with superior marbling and fine texture, producing rich flavor. The meat is like Prime Beef--it melts in your mouth. While there have been several taste tests in recent years, the controlled study in the mid-1990’s by Bristol University is still recognized as the standard which shows the Tamworth as having the finest and most favorable meat of all pig breeds both commercial and rare. This scientifically controlled study gave the Tamworth meat the best flavor. Tamworth is prized by 5-star chefs and restaurants as it is the very best.

We are proud of our pigs and honored to offer them to the public. We allow our pigs to range free in large paddocks; they each have their own house to sleep in along with plenty of shade and water fun. We feed a pure, natural vegetarian diet with a variety of fresh vegetables. A sample of their regular diet is shown below. We love our pigs so they receive fresh eggs, melon, peaches, nuts and squash along with tasty organic whole grain barley and access to fresh grasses and hay. We believe that in a wild setting that they would have exposure to numerous food products and try to maintain this in a natural diet instead of using bagged feeds.

Meat Availability: We offer our USDA Pork by the whole or half ( cuts coming soon). VISIT THE SHOP

Feeder Pigs, Roast Pigs and Breeding Stock:  We are extremely selective in our breeding stock and have brought together the finest lines available in North America. Feeders and  Small Roasters range from $275-$300. Breeding Stock are $600 each.  We can help you select a top gilt and superior boar to start your own breeding program.  

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For additional information on this fantastic breed, please contact the

Tamworth Swine Association.