Heritage Pork


USDA Processed Heritage Grass-Fed Natural Freezer Pork

Available Whole or Half or Select Cuts ( SEE BELOW).

WHOLE OR HALF IS THE BEST PRICE!  If you prefer a half, then consider splitting with your neighbor or family member or contact us using the form below and we can try to match you up with another family. A pure natural free-range grass-fed pig from Moore Natural Heritage Ranch is $6/lb, hanging weight plus processing fees. Our professional meat cutter will make arrangements so that your meat is cut and wrapped to your specifications, smoked or unsmoked, cut thickness, how many pieces per package, etc.  All curing is natural smoke-no chemical additives.

Fore example, a typical pig hangs about 175 lb.

Therefore, using the formula 175 lb. x $6.00 = $1050.00

Butchering and Processing varies due to smoking,

sausage types and cuts, but on average is about $250.00,

making total cost $1300 for about 140 lb.

This makes your natural grass-fed heritage pork cost ~$9.30/lb, as opposed

to commercial raised CAFO (Confined Animal Feeding Operation) apple cured Pork which can reach prices of nearly $20 to $35 per pound.

HOW MUCH FREEZER SPACE WILL I NEED? A half pig will take about one shelf in a typical full freezer and two complete shelves plus some of the door in a side by side.

Buying our grass-fed pure Tamworth Heritage meat is a substantial savings, plus the health benefits are astounding.

We ask a Deposit of $100.00 which will be deducted from your final price at time of pick-up. We are taking orders now for October 1st, 2017.  Place your order ASAP, as this flavorful pork sells quickly.

Pork is purchased by the Half or Whole. Reservation for February 2018

Cuts are avaiable below at Market Price.

  If you would like to purchase a whole pig then please use the ADD TO CART TWICE.

If you have questions, please call 916-532-6622

PAYMENT: Use PayPal below to place your order. If you cancel your order, your deposit is refundable.  


Your Heritage Pork is SO WONDERFUL that we have almost finished it off. I LOVE the flavor of your pork. It reminds me of the pork I ate as a Child ..... Anyway, the pork we received from you has a good amount of fat which I LOVE.  That is what makes pork good in my opinion.

Debra S.


If you are seeking specialized cuts, we now have a limited offering of pork for you to enjoy.  You can mix and match and build your own specialized box of the finest Tamworth Grass Fed Pork. You can arrange for pick-up at the ranch or we can ship to your address via UPS overnight.  Shipping charges will be confirmed in a seperate invoice.

Pork Chops:

All porkchops are cut between 3/4 to 1 inch thick and have a generous marbeling which gives incfredible flavor. Each package contains two beautiful pork chops averaging around 1.0 Lb each.  The chops are perfect for an every day meal or a BBQ.  

Pork Leg Roast Bone In:

The picnic roast is one of the nicest cuts.  We have this roast available in two sizes .  2 pound and 3 pound.  Great with potaoes and root vegetables.

FRESH PORK CUTS ~ $9.00 per pound

Pork Loin Roast  Bone-In 4 rib:

The pork Loin Roast is the crown of cuts.  The roast is generous and are between 2 and 2.5 lb.

Image Coming Soon

Boston Butt Roast:

A generous roast available in three sizes 2 lbs , 2.5 lb and 3 lb.  Perfect for the oven or for tamales.

Image Coming Soon

Pork Picnic Roast:  

The picnic roast is my favorite for smoking.  It has a great flavor and lots of marbeling for that perfect evening. Each roast is between  2 and 2.5 lb.

Pork Spare Ribs:

These are the best spare ribs on the market.  They run about 1.5 lbs per rack.  They are tender and will fall right off the bone.

Image Coming Soon

Country Style Ribs:

Generous Country Style Ribs 2 per package approximately 1.2 lb. each

Image Coming Soon

Pork Tenderloin:

This Tenderloin is best for making medallions in your favorite gourmet recipe.  Tenderloins are between .65 to .85 lb each.

Pork Blade or Picnic Steaks:

Blade Steaks are perfect for stir fry or for broiling. Steaks average about .75 a pound.



The best bacon ever or at least that is what our customers say.  If you are seeking the best flavor, this natural smoke process will not dissappoint.  No chemicals added.  Each package is about 1 lb.  Price is $15.00


The Irish will say that there is nothing like Tamworth Sausage and they are right. Each of our seven varieties are perfectly seasoned and made with natural casing.

Family Style Country Smoked Ham

and Ham Steaks

The hams are well marbled and flavored with natural smoking just like our bacon.  No chemicals used ever.   Choose the perfect size for your family table. Ham Steaks are cut from the Center and are great for breakfast or dinner.

Ham Hocks:

Looking for flavor and a great soup or stew starter.  Smoked Hocks are part of a great beginning. All hocks are in approximately 1 lb packages and contain one hock each. Cost is $8.00

Tamworth Heritage
Sausage Variety