The Bakery


Add a dessert to your Grass Fed Pork Roast Dinner!

Do you need a special cake, daily homemade bread or the most delicious cookies in town for a special occasion or just for the sheer enjoyment of "Great."  We will be offering Baked Bread for $8.00 per loaf. We have a variety of artisan gourmet breads to choose, from Whole Wheat to Italian, from Hamburger Buns to Sliced White. We also have muffins, cupcakes, scones and cookies of all kinds baked to order.  Our famous fruit pies and nut pies from natural peaches and dark mulberries that are from wild grove her at the ranch.

We use the finest organic ingredients along with fresh fruit and herbs grown right here on the ranch.  Our Lavender Shortbread is amazing and the cupcakes are delightful.  



From Ranch to Table

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All Items are made to order.  Order by Noon and Pick up

your order the following day

Classic Sweet French Bread:  This classic loaf has a delicate artisan crust and a beautiful crumb made using a traditional method of extended time and hand kneading.  It is perfect for Brie or to enjoy anytime of day.

Ingredients: Unbleached Organic Flour, Purified Water, Organic Butter, Yeast, Salt.  

Price: $8.00 per loaf

Classic Sweet French Dinner Rolls:  

Made just like our French Bread above, but as small dinner rolls for your table with a soft buttery crust to enhance the flavor of any meal.

White: Ingredients: Unbleached Organic Flour, Purified Water, Organic Butter, Yeast, Salt.  

Whole Wheat: Ingredients:  Organic Whole Wheat Flour, Purified Water, Organic Butter, Yeast, Salt.  

Price: $8.00 a dozen

Classic Loaf Bread:  

The Classic Loaf Bread is available in several varieties. Each one is hand kneaded and handcrafted from both French and Old World Recipes.  French Recipes contain butter.  OLD WORLD RECIPE CONTAINS PURE TAMWORTH LARD and gives a beautiful texture, superior crumb and was traditionally used for the finest pastries throughout the OLD WORLD.  The a bread is "Simply Grand" as my Irish Friends would say .

Make the best choice for you and your family.

Classic White Loaves

Ingredients: Unbleached Organic Flour, Purified Water, Organic Butter or (Organic Tamworth Lard when choosing the Old World Recipe), Yeast, Salt.  

Classic Whole Wheat Loaves

Ingredients: Unbleached Organic Flour, Purified Water, Organic Butter or (Organic Tamworth Lard when choosing the Old World Recipe), Yeast, Salt.

French Brioche with Poppy Seeds:

A classic Buttery French Loaf Bread that resembles the texture of cake.  This is a treat at any table and famed for its beautiful buttery flavor.  Made in the traditional French Method with lots of butter, frech eggs, milk and unbleached flour.  A masterpiece at any table.

Ingredients: Unbleached Organic Flour, Purified Water, Organic Milk,Organic Butter, Heritage Eggs,Yeast, Salt, Poppy Seeds.

Bread Type

Famous Homemade Pies:  Each pie is at least 8 inches in diameter and serves 6.  Price $18.00 each.

Our pies are fresh baked and have fruit that is hand harvested.  We have several offerings for your holiday table or family gathering. The crust is flaky and sure to be a crowd pleaser!

Old Fashioned Honey Crisp Apple Pie: This delicate pie is made with Hand Picked Honey Crisp Apples direct from the tree.  Honey Crisp is sweet with a clean tart finish. Just perfect.

Mulberry Pie: Mulberries are hand picked from our wild grove and each is carefully selected.  The mulberry has a nice rich berry flavor with just a slight tang.  The berries are full of fiber and made in a traditional method that retains all of the healthy antioxidant and vitamin qualities.

Winter White Peach: This is an exclusive to the ranch.  This beautiful white peach is full of true peach flavor and has an exciting pink hue when baked.  We are super proud of this DEEP DISH Delight.

Almond Pie: This exclusive pie will take you to soaring heights of flavor.  Much like pecan, but with the delicate sweet flavor of almonds and a beautiful crumb will give your dessert table the "Wow Factor."

Almond Tassies: Prepared with the same goodness as our Almond Pie, but in bite sized Tassies.  Two Dozen in every order.

Specialty Pumpkin Pie:  This exclusive pie is made with the Casper White Pumpkin and has a flavor that is unlike any regular pumpkin; true, clean and mildly sweet with hints of summer.  If you love pumpkin, this is a must try!

Famous Pies

Swedish Tea Ring: This beautiful coffee cake has been a family tradition for over 60 years from an exclusive family recipe.  It is a buttery brioche type bread that is filled with a swirl of cinnamon, sugar and graham for just the right sweetness. Perfect for any time of the day.  It is excellent with coffee for breakfast or serve with sandwiches for a delightful brunch.  It is also perfect for afternoon tea or dessert.  Each Tea ring is made to order using only the finest ingredients.  This tea ring is a beautiful center piece for any holiday table or any special occasion.

Ingredients: Organic Unbleached Flour, Organic Milk, Free Range Eggs, Organic Sugar, Organic Butter, Graham, Cinnamon, yeast, salt, maraschino cherries.  CONTAINS EGGS and RED CHERRIES.  Can be made with our the cherries if you desire.   Price: $20.00