USDA For Tamworth Pigs

So I am continuing my story and I have to say that I had some real concerns about my beautiful Tamworth Pigs going to a USDA facility.  But , I have to say that it was a great experience.  Our pigs were allowed to go into an area that was filled with shavings and bark and then they were gradually lead to a super clean holding pen and all was quiet.  Our processor worked with us and made sure that they were treated well.  They remarked on how nice they were.  The commercial pigs had not arrived and so their " one bad day" was actually very calm and peaceful.  The owner was very happy to work with us and assured me that this would be how our pigs would be treated every time.  The USDA inspector was there and all went well.  I am proud to say that Moore Natural Ranch is finally in a league that allows us to share this amazing Pork with more people in our community.

I am glad that there are facilities that treat animals with a substantial amount of respect and dignity.  I have heard and seen so much on you tube, that I had got myself pretty worked up over everything.  And with good reason.  But I have now really made an adjustment in my thinking and that it is not good to have anxiety over what is on you tube, rather make a visit if you can to the facility, or just get there extra early so that you can have a chance to share your thoughts and concerns as a local farmer with your processor.  

To consumers of Local Heritage Meat, please visit your farm and make sure that the animals are treated well and have open paddocks and pasture, plenty of sunshine and fresh water along with all kinds of fresh veggies and fruits to enjoy.  Well thats all for now!  The best Bacon, Sausage and Ribs in the entire world are on there way!  This Amazing Pork will Go Quickly, So Order Now!