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* Heritage Breed

  1. * Exceptional Flavor

  2. * Pasture Raised and Allowed to Fly and Roost

  3. * Kind Bird that raises its own young

For over 45 years, the family of Moore Natural Ranch have been supporters of junior livestock in both 4-H and FFA.  Purchasing from the auction was a tradition and we thought that we knew what turkey tasted like.  But one day, we discovered that the flavor of turkey was not anything like the commercial breeds that we had been accustomed to purchasing.   The day we tasted the Bourbon Red for thanksgiving, we were amazed.  The Bourbon Red is a very old Heritage Turkey on the Livestock Conservancy List marked on the WATCH list.  These amazing birds are beautiful, breed naturally, brood their own clutches of eggs and are careful mothers that cherish and protect their young.  They are excellent foragers and are extremely gentle and kind.

The Bourbon Red is noted for two things: its handsome red features and its excellent, full flavor. It's known as one of the best-tasting heritage turkey breeds still in existence. Bourbon Reds have the potential to grow up to around 23 pounds for the toms and 12 pounds for the hens, though many are smaller than that in practice. Our Toms here reach a weight average of 16 lb. and our hens reach an average weight of 10 lb.

Our turkeys eat a natural diet filled with fresh apples, pears, melons, greens, corn on the cob and grains.  They are slower to mature, but they are full of flavor on the dinner table without being injected, brined, deep fried or full of nitrates.

There have been numerous cook offs always putting the Bourbon Red either as number one or number two in flavor, taste and texture.  The Bourbon Red has equal white and dark meat and it has a flavor like no other.  We offer our turkeys fully dressed and they come complete with cooking instructions and fresh organic herbs.
Heritage birds are super easy to cook but require lower temperatures to preserve a normal breast size.  Commercial birds are Hybrids that were developed to mature quickly and have an extremely large quantity of breast meat, more than 65%.  Commercial birds cannot mate naturally and have a life span of only about 9 months.   Our birds enjoy a beautiful life foraging and living a full life for many years.

MEAT AVAILABILITY: We produce a very small amount of turkeys for the public each year.  We sell out very quickly.  If you are looking for the best tasting turkey for the holidays, then please check our PRODUCTS PAGE to place your order.

BREEDING STOCK:  We never sell breeding stock. All of our stock is available to customers who are seeking fully dressed birds for the holidays.  Occasionally we will have some young chicks available to those that would like to raise their own birds for their table. Please email us at moorenaturalranch@yahoo.com

HISTORY:  The Bourbon Red is one of the oldest Heritage Turkeys.  It was developed in the early 1900's for its utility traits of providing excellent meat.  It was the primary bird found on most tables up until the 1950’s, when their numbers started to decline due to the explosion of hybrid commercial broad breasted whites.  By the 21 century, numbers began to recover and the Bourbon Red while still on the verge of extinction is making a small move to recovery. For more information please contact the The Heritage Turkey Foundation.