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All Freezer Meat must be picked up at the ranch.*    We will contact you when your meat is ready.  You will be able to customize the meat to your specifications with our experienced meat cutter

*Note all payments will show FHI,LLC on your bank statemen


We are now taking orders for The 2016 Holiday Season.  Birds can be purchased fresh or frozen.  They are fully dressed, include our exclusive seasoning packet and directions for cooking along with our simple stuffing recipe. We can ship frozen birds for you if you would like to surprise someone with a fabulous gift of the most delicious turkey they will have have the pleasure of enjoying.  Please contact us directly about shipping.  Turkeys sell for $10.00 per pound.  To place your order, we ask a $25.00 deposit.  Balance to be invoiced once bird is weighed and dressed. Please make your selection below.

Tom Turkey:  Sold Out       Hen Turkey: 8 to 12 lbs  SOLD OUT  Special Young Turkey for Two:  5 to 7 lbs:

                                                                                                                 STILL AVAILABLE -  FRESH FROZEN

                                                                                                                       CALL OR TEXT 916-532-6622


Lamb - SOLD OUT FOR 2016

Lamb is available in the fall. September / October.  Freezer lamb is available whole.  If you prefer only half, then think of splitting with a neighbor or family member.  A whole lamb is $400.00 plus estimated processing fees of about $100.00.  A whole lamb yields about 45 to 60 lb. of meat making the total cost about $500.00* or about $8.50 to $11.00 per pound for the finest, most flavorful and tender local free range lamb.   Your lamb will be cut and packed to your specifications. Final Processing fees will be paid upon pick-up. It usually takes 3 weeks to receive your lamb.  We ask for a $100.00 deposit which is deducted from your final bill. 

Typically  you will receive about:

The lamb should give you:

8   lb. of Loin Chops      8lb. of Rack or Rib Chops

20 lb.  of  Leg of Lamb  15lb. of Shoulder Roast

10 lb. of Ground Lamb or 

Lamb Italian sausage which is fantastic.


Weanling Feeder Pigs are $275 each. We are taking reservation now! Please contact us at moorenaturalranch@yahoo.com to get on the waiting list for breeding stock or for weanling feeder pigs.  We charge a $100.00 deposit once your youngster is born.  This is non-refundable unless, the animal passes here at the ranch before pick-up. We do not ship - all animals must be picked up at the ranch in a safe crate for transportation.  A medium dog crate is best suited for this purpose. We have transporters available for shipment across the country.  if you are unable to pick-up directly.  We can assure superior transport service across the country. If interested in breeding stock, please go here. Tamworth Pigs Breeding Stock.

Freezer Pork is available whole.  If you prefer a half, then think of splitting with your neighbor or family member or contact us using the from below and we can see if we can match you up with another family. A pig from Moore Natural Meats is $5.00 per lb., hanging weight plus processing fees.  Our professional meat cutter will contact you and make arrangements so that your meat is cut and wrapped to your specifications, Smoked or unsmoked, cut thickness, how many pieces per package etc.  All curing is natural smoke-no chemical additives.

A typical pigs hangs about 200 lb.

Therefore using the formula 200 X $5.00 = $1000.00

Butchering and Processing varies due to smoking,

sausage types and cuts, but on average of $350,

making total cost $1350 for about 140.00 lb.

of the best home grown, pasture raised pork available.

This makes your natural pork costing ~$9.75 per pound.

With commercial natural cured bacon and ham

reaching prices of nearly $20 to 35 per pound, Buying

pure Tamworth meat is a substantial savings.

We ask a Deposit of $100.00 which will be deducted from your final price at time of pick-up.  We are taking orders now for our fall litter which will be ready April 2017.   Please contact us at moorenaturalranch@yahoo.com to reserve your freezer pork or use the form below. If you have to cancel,  your deposit is refundable 30 days prior to processing date.  You will receive your meat in about 2 to 3 weeks from the processing date.

CHICKENS:  SOLD OUT FOR 2016 - Please use the form below if interested in chickens. We will have them available again spring 2017

FREE RANGE FRESH EGGS: Eggs are now available.  All pick up is at the farm or we are happy to deliver three dozen or more in the Granite Bay Area.  If you would like a regular delivery, we can also accommodate this for our customers.   Please call us at 916-532-6622 or contact us at moorenaturalranch@yahoo.com

Fresh Eggs are $6.00 per dozen

* We cannot do any delivery at this time due to USDA regulations.