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After much investigation and tasting various rare and traditional breeds, Moore Natural Ranch, decided on the Heritage Tamworth Pig. We are the only Tamworth Breeders in California.

  1. *Heritage Breed

  2. *Tamworth is exceptional in taste

  3. *Rich in Omega 3 Amino Acids and Linoleic Acid to help lower cholesterol

  4. *Pasture Raised

  5. *Fed Natural Vegetarian Diets

Tamworths originated in Ireland.  They carry the parish name of Irish Grazer and are the closest to the old  forest pig.  Aristocrats of the pig world, with long legs and snout, pricked ears, a boisterous, loving pig. Tamworth pigs are kind and gentle and have proved to be producers of the finest meat.  They are easy to handle and love human contact. In comparing other rare breeds, we personally found the Tamworth to be the most friendliest of the rare types.  The Tamworth is unique since it is a very rare dual purpose breed. It produces large amounts of the tastiest bacon and quality cuts of meat with superior marbling producing rich flavor.  The meat is like Prime Beef.  It melts in your mouth.  While there have been several taste tests in recent years, the Controlled study in the mid 1990’s by Bristol University is still recognized as the standard which showed the Tamworth as having the finest and most favorable meat of all pig breeds both commercial and rare. This scientifically controlled study gave the Tamworth meat the best flavor

We are proud of our pigs and offer them to the public.  We allow our pigs to free range in large paddocks, they each have their own houses to sleep in along with plenty of shade and water fun.  We feed a pure natural vegetarian food diet with all types of fresh vegetables.  A sample of their regular diet is shown below.  We love our pigs so we cook apples, beans , blue berries, potatoes, carrots and yams on a regular basis topped off with the finest organic cream top and greek yogurt.  In addition, they receive fresh corn, melon, peaches, nuts  and squash along with tasty organic whole grain breads for a treat.  Our pigs receive natural and wholesome diets.  We do not feed then just from bags and WOULD NEVER FEED THEM MOLDY LEFT OVERS LIKE MANY OTHER FARMS.  We believe that in a wild setting that they would have exposure to numerous food products and try to maintain this in a natural diet instead of using bagged feeds.

MEAT AVAILABILITY: If you are interested in purchasing meat, please see our PRODUCTS PAGE.  This is the best pork we have ever tasted.

BREEDING STOCK: If interested in breeding stock, please e-mail us at moorenaturalranch@yahoo.com.  We have brought in the finest breeding stock from some of the best farms in Kentucky and Ohio, Indiana and Washington.  We have carefully selected for superior conformation, excellent growth yields and exceptionally docile and fun temperaments.  We can provide a breeding pair to you from our diverse lineage.  We not only have an excellent boar out of the famous High Geer,  two beautiful sows from Outsider and Cowboy, but we bring in numerous lineage from our AI project.  Please contact us as soon as possible as our breeding stock is carefully graded and few are available.  We are taking reservations for our current litter born October 15, 2016. Breeding stock is $400 to $500.

For additional information on this fantastic breed, please contact the Tamworth Swine Association