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  1. *Katahdin USA Breed of Hair Sheep

  2. *Exceptional Nutritional Qualities over all other meats

  3. *Naturally vigorous and hardy against parasites and disease

  4. *Exceptional Flavor

  5. *Caring Ewes and easy lambing

The Moore family has a long history raising Lamb, gaining Blue ribbons early in 4-H. Suffolks were the breed of choice at the time and are still a favorite for their beauty.  But the Suffolk like most domestic and commercial lamb breeds have slowly faltered in genetic vigor, making them less hardy and more subject to disease and loss.  After much research into sustainability on homestead farming, we have chosen the Heritage Hair Sheep known as the Katahdin.  The Katahdin Sheep is a hair lamb that requires no shearing.  Their winter wool naturally sheds in spring and summer to a slick hair coat.  They are a hardy breed with natural parasite resistance.  They are good mothers, rarely needing assistance with lambing and delivering twins is common. Triplets and quads are often found in the breed.  They are kind and even the rams are gentle.  They are medium in size with ewes weighing about 140 to 180 lb. and rams reaching up to 280 lb. We use Livestock Guardian Dogs as
Protectors for the herd, specifically the Akbash breed from Turkey.


Katahdin meat is light in flavor, an excellent source of protein and is lower in cholesterol then chicken.  It is an excellent choice for a healthy diet. In a study completed by the University of Saskatchewan* the following data was obtained comparing Katahdin Whole Leg meat to commercial meat.

MEAT AVAILABILITY: This is the most flavorful and tender lamb on the market.  You will not be disappointed.  VISIT OUR PRODUCT PAGE for more information.  We sell out quickly.

BREEDING STOCK: The Moore ranch produces lamb on a very selective scale.  We occasionally have breeding stock available. All of our Sheep our registered and we look forward to showing in 2016.  Our Ram is fantastic and weighs about 220 lb.  Our ewes are loving and take care of their lambs.  Please e-mail if interested in breeding stock at moorenaturalranch@yahoo.com


The lamb began its development in the late 1950‘s with the importation of a small number of wool-less sheep from the Caribbean by Michael Piel of Main, USA.  The Piel farm had several thousand sheep a the time and Piel felt that “ progress in the selection of meat would be greatly enhanced by the elimination of wool as a major factor in selection.  His goal was to combine meat stock breeds with breeds that shed their wool coat.  After 20 years of selective breeding, he names is select flock Katahdin after Mount Katahdin in Maine.  During the 1970‘s he introduced another shedding breed from England, the Wiltshire Horned Sheep in order to add size and improve carcass quality.

To learn more about these wonderful sheep, please visit Katahdin Sheep International.

*SOURCE: Katahdin nutritional data derived from a 1998 University of Saskatchewan study conducted on 12 sides of Katahdin meat from 12 animals from producers throughout Saskatchewan; ages 6 months – 2 years; male and female.  Data for all other meats from USDA Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, March 1998.