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Moore Natural Ranch

  1. *Established in 1980

  2. *Family owned for four generations

  3. *Natural Pasture Raised

  4. *Heritage Livestock ONLY, Meat and Eggs

  5. *Feeds Clean and Nutritious Vegetarian Diets

  6. *Environmentally Sustainable

  7. *Supports Livestock Breed Preservation

With several ranches started in 1980 in the Northern California agricultural belt, Moore Natural Ranch has been family owned for four generations.  Our ranch in Granite Bay holds a tradition that is noted for providing natural high quality food for our family and better lives for the livestock that we keep. With extensive knowledge in animal husbandry, our livestock celebrate a life that is free from antibiotics, growth hormones and confinement.  Our animals are fed vegetarian diets supplemented with non-GMO grains, graze seasonal pastures and enjoy a humane holistic environment that allows them to pursue their natural instincts and live a full life. We feed our animals only foods that we would eat ourselves.   KNOW YOUR FARM! We are a Heritage Producer.  Heritage breeds have been proven in study after study to be more flavorful and more healthy than commercial stock.  Lowest in cholesterol and highest in good Antioxidants.  These qualities do not come from commercial stock. Visit our FAQ page for details! KNOW YOUR FARM!

As a family owned ranch founded years ago, and with over 50 years of animal husbandry experience, we exist to revive and maintain the sustainable, humane upbringing of heritage breeds, while providing resources for a healthy lifestyle. All of our Livestock is listed or has been listed with the Livestock Conservancy.

Turkey    Lamb    Pork    Chicken    Eggs

Happy Thanksgiving to all our customers. We still have a few gourmet young turkeys that are available fresh frozen please call our office at 916-532-6622 for information.