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Good Eggs are the foundation of high quality Baking, Pasta and European Pastry along with basic pies and eating.

Our hens are treated with deep affection.  They have been exclusively selected for their gentle nature and for their exclusive egg production.  We use the Brahma breed of chicken that is on the Conservancy WATCH list and also a few Non-Industrial Rhode Island Reds.  To add variety and round our our egg layers we have added Cuckoo Marens from France and Welsummers from Holland.  Our chickens are feed the finest fresh foods, including bread, seeds, greens, melons and fruit along with organic non-GMO feed when needed.  The eggs have a deep orange yolk that is from naturally eating a variety of foods.  We do not use any feeds that contain additives even natural ones( like marigold extract or carotene) to create a false orange yolk.  The eggs are fresh and stand up in a frying pan like an egg is supposed too.  They make the finest homemade mayonnaise. We inspire our chickens with a nest full or rose petals and rosemary.
We use natural methods of rosemary and Diatomaceous Earth to create natural dusting baths for our chickens.  We check each hen monthly for any signs of parasites and to date have found that our natural methods are highly effective,  The chickens roam free on 5 acres and have beautiful hutches with stained glass and plenty of natural sunshine to come into at night. Our eggs sell for $7.00 per dozen and are available most of the year.  For more information visit our the Product Page.