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In seeking a bird that was both docile and produced fine meat, Moore Natural Ranch chose the Brahma.

  1. *Livestock Heritage Breed

  2. *Exceptional taste and texture

  3. *Brood and raise their own young

  4. *Exceptionally Docile and Kind

  5. *Lay Large eggs through most of the year

These birds are extremely docile and they are also a Heritage Breed on the Watch List.  They brood their own young and live their days free range on 5 acres.  The birds were once the commercial chicken found on every table until the commercialization of the white genetic hybrid.  Commercial chickens in the store are usually cornish crosses which are fully developed at 6 weeks.  Like many other commercial meat breeds, cornish crosses, freedom rangers and ginger rangers have been selectively bred and these birds cannot breed naturally and have a short lifespan of only about 12 weeks before having heart disfunction, liver failure or broken bones.  At Moore Natural Ranch, we feel that you are what you eat!  Visit our FAQ PAGE.

Brahmas, on the other hand are a full heritage breed and they can breed naturally, hatch out their young and live many years.  They are nice in flavor and texture and are fun to be around. While we are not currently offering meat chickens for sale to the public, we may in the future.  We may offer them in the fall of 2016.

Please e-mail  at moorenaturalranch@yahoo.com  if you would like to get on a list for meat chickens.  As with the turkeys, they will come fully dressed and ready for your table or freezer.  They are about 4 to 6 lb. each.  See our Products Page for More Information

To learn more about the Brahma please visit The American Brahma Club.