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The Moore Family is committed to sustainability and therefore has chosen Heritage breed livestock to fulfill that mission.

Heritage breeds by definition are those that were once traditionally used for food production in the past, but due to the pressure of the agricultural revolution, their numbers have dwindled rapidly.  In the last 15 years over 190 livestock breeds have become extinct.  All heritage meat is from non-hybrid animals.

Heritage breed meat not only has a better flavor, but generally is much better for you with lower cholesterol and higher protein values along with high levels of anti-oxidants.

We carefully select only the finest breeding stock that have all of their natural instincts to breed, deliver their young and mother their progeny with care and affection. They are hardy and represent the genetic diversity of our planet.  We only choose full pure bred stock.  We do not do any crossing.  While crossing breeds may sometimes increase vigor, more often it tends to produce the dominate poor qualities that are present in each breed.  All of our stock is registered where they can be and we are proud of the hard work and dedication of the farmers and breeders before us.  So to honor that end, we continue to breed the finest and the highest quality.

Their strong genetics make them more resistant to disease and parasites which naturally reduces and virtually eliminates the need for pharmaceutical intervention. 

Our animals come from sound genetics and are treated with dignity and kindness. Heritage livestock takes longer to mature then commercial meat, permitting the full delicate flavor of the meat to develop.

We offer

  1. *Registered Katahdin Lamb

  2. *Registered Tamworth Swine

  3. *Bourbon Red Turkeys

  4. *Registered Brahma Chickens

  5. *Fresh Eggs


Meet Our Family:

Steve Moore - Ranch Owner / Manager

Cathy Moore - Owner / Biological Scientist, Immunologist and Equine Trainer of St. Francis Friesians

Ashley Moore - Owner / Bachelor of Sciences, Marketing and Sales

Lauren Moore - Environmental Science Student at Santa Clara University

Catherine Moore - Equestrian Trainer/Rider at St. Francis Friesians

Lucinda and Emilly - Little Helpers

For more information on the Livestock Conservancy and its mission, please click here.